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Having launched the Memoire Elegante Maths Academy for Grades 10 to 12 mid way through 2014, it became clear that the need exist even more so at the foundation levels of Grades 8 and 9 as well. So effective from February 2015, we have expanded and continue our Maths tuition inclusive of Grades 8 to 12. From February 2018 we have further expanded our offering for Saturday tuition to accommodate those learners who cannot attend the weekday programme. Parents are therefore well advised to enroll learners soonest to avoid disappointment.


The Academy’s vision remains to make Maths easier and doable through the right attitude, concise knowledge and relevant skills in a caring environment.

It is a universal truth that with the right attitude and values anything is possible. We therefore first and foremost focus on instilling the right Maths attitudes and values and reinforce those throughout our program.

Next the Maths basics gap is breached. Many aspirant Maths learners simply do not grasp or have somehow missed the basic foundations for Maths success. So often a learner is enlightened that the struggle is not with the Maths topic per se, but rather with a Maths basic. We call this a moment of clarity and once the basic Maths gaps are identified and mastered, further Maths learning can be exponential

Finally we make it happen through one page illustrative summaries of all you need to know key concepts, principles, formulae and techniques, per Maths topic, that make the subject matter so much more doable and less daunting. Our philosophy is that if you cannot put a Maths topic on a one page summary than you have not thought it through well enough. The further advantage of the one page summary is that it makes revision so much easier. So there is no need to make notes. Instead the Maths learner is encouraged to focus efforts on gaining insight and application with the onsite support of our skilled Maths teachers.


Effective from the first Tuesday of February of each year, Maths tuition is offered for grades 8,9,1O, 11 and 12 learners, from 3.30 pm. to 5.00 pm., from Tuesday through to Thursday or alternatively on Saturdays from 8.30 am. to 10.30 am. (excluding December/January School holidays) at Memoire Elegante premises at 46 Hercules Crescent in Ennerdale Ext3. The intent is to thoroughly cover at least one Maths topic per week per grade. The cost per month remains to be R200 per Maths learner for not less than 24 hours of tuition per month. There is also a once of cost of approximately R90 required for a book of examination questions papers and detailed memoranda per grade. Optionally and highly recommended, for just R150, the 40 pager study guide “Concise Maths from Basics – WE Smith CA(SA)” all inclusive for Grades 8 to 12 is available at Study guide or the online navigator thereof Online demo navigator


Enrolment/register online Online tuition registration and get the online maths navigator included or by parent completion of application forms will take place at Memoire Elegante premises at 46 Hercules Crescent in Ennerdale Ext3 from the first Tuesday of February of each year by appointment at contact WESLEY: 082 654 2660 OR by e-mail request to